IHO - Energy

                       Dipl.-Eng. Horst Otto                      

Energy Effeciency

  • Effective = to do the right Thing
  • Efficient = to do the right Thing Right
  •   Cost / Benefit Analysis
  •  ckeck what Kind of cost savings could be realise
  • check your Energy Saving Steps concerning the Effects
  • Analysis of Weak Points concerning Energy and Cost Saving Potential 


Energy Efficiency

   -   The Balance of  all Energy Saving Activities must be receive Attention

  • to analyse concrete Energy Activities concerning the
    special Reqirements of your Enterprise
  • environmentally compliant and susta

Production Processes

  • to optimize Production Processes
  • check Production Components concering their Energy Efficiency
  • to avoid load Peaks
  • to adapt all Components as a System
  • check traiff optimisation
  • to adapt shift Operation - seamless wo

Coaching  - Training of Employees

  • Using the Potentail of Human Beeings
  • Training of energy- efficient Behaviours
  • to optimise the Information between your employee

Component System Check

  • check your electrical drives concerning dimensioning
  • using - install actuall Controlling Technology
  • Life Cycle Analysis - Evaluation


(Preventive) Maintenance

 >  sometimes gladly ignore cause...

  >  ...it cost Money

  >  ...No - It save Money

  •  in Germany it includes concerning DIN - Norm 31051
  •    -  Service
       -  Inspection
       -  Overhaul
       -  Improvement

  •  Objectives concerning Maintenance:
  • >  to obtain functionality of all components and systems
    >  to extend life cycle of your Equipment
    >  to reduce or to prevent outage time
    >  it save costs