IHO - Energy

                       Dipl.-Eng. Horst Otto                      

Energy Concept

  • Strategically and operative reflection
    of Actions to be taken
  • Energy Concepts are the bisis of  technical and economical
    Enterprie Decisions concerning Energy Efficiency Investme

Strategical Concept

  • What Kind of energy will use  > Oil, Gas, Renewable Ernergy etc.
  • What Kind of procurement strategy shall be realise - long or short range  >  with permantly supplier or changing supplier from time to time
  • How you like to offset your energy
    > 100% from foreign supllier or a share of self Provision

Type and Scope

  • Actaul SCADA = Search and Data Acqusition concerning your
    Energy Consumption details
  • Production - Process Analysis
  • calculate Energy Key Figures
  • PDCA = Plan - Do - Check - Act
  • Identify optimisation possibillities
  • Structure an Energy Management Organisation
  • Adapt  Measurement and Control Systems
  • If necessary to implement an Energy Management System
  • Organise a Communication Management